Learn About Crypto

CoinMarketCap launches crypto education portal ‘CMC Alexandria‘, a new crypto education portal aims to provide holistic content for newcomers to the industry.

The new platform is called CMC Alexandria, in reference to the ancient Library of Alexandria of the second century B.C. — an symbol of early aspirations to gather the world’s knowledge in one place, as part of a “universal library.”

CMC’s crypto library includes, articles on cryptocurrency basics, tech deep-dives, and a section devoted to decentralized finance (DeFi).

Commenting on why DeFi was featuring so prominently in its library, the representative explained that while CoinMarketCap is taking an encyclopedic approach to cryptocurrency education, it also aims to reflect the most relevant developments of the moment.

Bitcoin Aruba is happy and ready to support more Crypto education, so check out CMC Alexandria and learn more.