first Real Estate in Aruba Accepting Bitcoin

Aruba has a very competitive Real Estate market with a new Real Estate company opening almost every month, which is why i was very surprised that it took so long for one to start accepting Bitcoin, we want to congratulate Aruba Real Estate and the island of Aruba in general with this amazing initiative. Speaking to the folks at they tell me this has been in the works for a while but because of the process of how houses are sold and rented on the island they had some concerns in starting to accept Bitcoin, but they know how big this market is becoming and how important it is to include Crypto millionaires to the real Estate market in Aruba.

With multi million dollar houses and condominiums available island wide accepting Bitcoin and including the new crypto millionaires was a no-brainer for the managers.

Accepting Bitcoin is an experiment for looking for a competitive edge for their listings, and although real estate Bitcoin deals currently make up a small percentage of the world wide market, brokerages established in the United States who offer the option of Bitcoin operate in some of the country’s largest real estate markets and states like New York, Florida, and Texas have all seen cryptocurrency transactions, so adding Bitcoin acceptance to the island of Aruba does concur with what the rest of the major markets are doing.

Let us click over to and start renting and buying real estate using Bitcoin 🙂