Rich Dad Bitcoin Dad

The great and famous Robert Kiyosaki says a Rich Dad should be a Bitcoin Dad! The author of the most talked about self finance book in my lifetime “Rich Dad Poor Dad” a book that everyone tells you to read to help you better understand our generations self money and finance management, off course in Mr. Kiyosaki’s way of thinking.

Twitter is the best way for anyone to publicly shout at the universe, and shout Robert Kiyosaki did!

Why is Kiyosaki famous? Smart man and a sound communicator. He came up with an extremely well done way of telling you that your savings are not secured and that you need to make decisions with your finances in order for them to gain more than what they do in the bank. And that is exactly what he keeps telling us. Love you Robert and YES Bitcoin is the peoples money! The world thanks you for the great advice, keep them coming.