Bitcoin against Covid

The whole world has been deeply affected by COVID-19 and every country and their citizens are doing their utmost to overcome these difficult times. Aruba, the ‘One happy Island’ and your ‘home away from home’ is no exception.

After the closing of our border, the tourism industry has come to a complete halt. According to projections of Standard and Poor’s, Aruba will be one of the most affected economies in the world. As result, thousands of people have already lost their jobs and many more will.

Join CEDE Aruba and their new initiative Happy To Give Back and help the world fight COVID-19. Even a small donation can help save lives. Together, let’s help.


Food Banks
Local food banks provide food packages and hygiene products to the people in need. A food package will support a family of 4. Example: A donation of $20 will support a family of 4 persons for one week.

Vulnerable Groups
Several initiatives provide warm meals for the most vulnerable groups: elderly, people in complete isolation and homeless people. Example: a donation of $25 will feed one person with a warm meal per day.

Tourism Industry
People working in the tourism industry who lost their jobs

For more info or to volunteer please contact CEDE Aruba:
Beatrixstraat 8, Oranjestad
T: +297 – 582 – 7666 available 1pm-5pm
E: [email protected]

Lets show Aruba and the World that the Crypto Community cares!