Expo Cas accepting Bitcoin

The Brown twins with their signature Expo Cas home show, The Expo informs, inspires and educates families and individuals to find, build or transform their present abode into their “dream home”. Expo Cas is also a valuable source for commercial interests and business entrepreneurs wishing to construct their business centers, with the latest technologies and ideas.

This three day event will be held on September 28-29-30 at the Centro Deportivo Betico Croes which will be transformed into a home information center featuring every aspect of home ownership, from concept to financing, furnishing and beyond.

But this year you will be able to use your bitcoins for payment not only for the entrance fee but also for any product or service you wish to purchase at the Expo.

So dont forget to visit the Expo and happily spend some coins. for more info visit ExpoCas.aw or fb.com/expocas